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September 2009
E's not Dead, E's Scalafying?
July 2009
Flawless WBJUS Victory
April 2009
All Good Things...
March 2009
What's in a Name?
This Would Be Just A Library In Scala (Episode II)
This Would Be Just a Library in Scala
The Spider-Man™ Principle
Overheard re: Project Coin
New Site Design!
Project Wallet (was: Why Bother? Just Use Scala!)
Life's Hard When You're A Noob
February 2009
Why Bother? Just Use Scala! (continued...)
Why Bother? Just Use Scala!
Overheard on Fortress-Language
What? Oh God, Not You Too!
December 2008
June 2008
Emergent Dialect Watch: "Reap the Percussions"
February 2007
October 2006
September 2006
The Tube(s)
July 2006
Troll me Harder!
March 2006
Satire is Redundant
What's Right With WS-*?
Mice Pace
March 2005
I Am a Galley Slave
Francis Crick
July 2004
Catbert, You Just Authored an RSS Reader!
June 2004
Reductio Ad Absurdum
May 2004
Your Plastic Pals Who're Fun to Be With
April 2004
Bloody Linguists
Iraq 'em up, you knock 'em down
February 2004
What's the opposite of a pointy-haired boss?
No Mo' Pomo? Oh No!
January 2004
Take the Red Pill (Unless You're Italian)
August 2003
Which is more dangerous, a gun or a swimming pool?
July 2003
Dude, the wallpaper's moving!
May 2003
The Passive Voice Will Be Used Until All Are Made Sorry
New, Improved!
April 2003
"West Wing" and "Crazy Go Nuts University"
Stannic Haberdashery
March 2003
"Twee" is Autological.
June 2002
Klingons are to the US as Romulans are to... No, that's not right.
May 2002
...but can you chew gum and walk at the same time?